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Term Definition
lack of REM

when REM (a normal stage of sleep characterized by the rapid movement of the eyes) is disturbed and the person is not getting the proper amount of REM

lax or hyper extensible joints

joints that move beyond the normal range with little effort


a heavy metal that is a neurotoxin and can accumulate in soft tissue and bones, causing damage to the nervous system or cause brain or blood disorders

Lennox Gasteuox

a severe form of epilepsy that is characterized by the onset in early childhood of frequent seizures of multiple types, developmental delay, a particular brain wave pattern (a slow spike-and-wave pattern), and behavioral disturbances with poor social skills and attention-seeking behavior

levels of IgA, IgA and IgM

protein antibodies used by the immune system to block and neutralize foreign material such as viruses and bacteria


spine curves forward; also called "swayback"

low blood pressure

lower than normal pressure of blood in the arteries; may cause dizziness, fainting or seizures

low blood sugar

lower than normal blood glucose; may cause hunger, nervousness,fatigue,sweating or moodiness